Sherborne School SOCS

SOCS Overview

SOCS is a third-party product that manages all of our co-curricular programme. By having all activities in one place, it provides a single calendar feed for each boy.

A boy's personlised calendar feed will include:

  • Lessons from his Academic Timetable
  • Information for any matches in which he has been selected to play
    Team lists are usually finalised around 24 hours ahead of a match
  • Games sessions for any elective games options he has chosen
  • Clubs and Societies events
  • Instrumental music Tution
  • Music Ensemble rehearsals, recitals and concerts
  • LAMDA tuition
  • EAL Tuition
Example SOCS pupil view

Web App or iCal sync

The calendar feed for each pupil is available for direct viewing in the SOCS web app, or as an iCal feed that can be used to sync with any standards-compliant calendaring app, such as Microsoft Outlook, or the calendar apps that come as standard with most mobile devices.

Calendar and Sport

In addition, SOCS also provide publicly available web apps for the official School Calendar and for the School Sports Fixtures programme

Getting Started


Click the appropriate button below to access SOCS and then login using your normal Sherbone credentials*.

SOCS: Parent SOCS: Pupil SOCS: Staff

Parents: please use the same credentials you have registered on our Parent Portal
Pupils and Staff: please use your School M365 username and passowrd, if requested.

Sherborne School Sport

For general information about fixtures and results

Sports Fixtures or

Sherborne School Calendar

For the full School calendar

Sherborne Calendar or

Sample SOCS Screenshots

Home Screen

Pupil's calendar

Sports Fixture Details

Available activities

My Activities

Sync to your prefered calendar app

Sample Sherborne Sports Screenshots

Main Screen

Fixture details

Location map

Favourite teams

Sample Sherborne Calendar Screenshots

Main Screen

Events Filters


Add to you calendar app

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for SOCS access?
We use single-sign-on (SSO) for SOCS so there is no requirement to register.
Parents should use their Sherborne Parent Portal username and password.
Pupils and Staff should use their Sherborne School M365 credentials to access SOCS.
I am a parent and cannot remember my username. How do I find out what it is?
Your username is most probably your main contact email address.
How do I install SOCS?
You do not need to install SOCS as it is a Web App and works with your device's web browser. However, most devices will allow you to add a shortcut to your Home Screen, which will then provide you with a quick way of getting to SOCS. The exact way in which you do this will depend on the type of device you have, but the principles are similar on most platforms.
  • On iOS, assuming your are using Safari as your browser you will find the "Add to Home Screen" link in the Bookmarks menu.
  • On Android, most browser have a 'three-dot' menu, and "Add to Home screen" is normally there.
  • On desktop systems (like Windows or MacOS) your browser may have an option to "Install this site as an app" or "Add a shortcut to the desktop".

Please consult the documentation for the browser you are using for more detailed instructions.

I am a parent and cannot remember my password. What should I do?
Parent Portal login screen
You will need to reset your own password on the Sherborne Parent Portal. We are not able to do this for you for security reasons. There is a link labelled "Forgotten your details?" (see the yellow highlight in the accompanying image). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the password reset process. The system will need to email you to confirm your identity: if the email does not seem to arrive in a timely manner, do remember to check you junk email folder.
How do I find out where my son's fixture is?
You have two options.
  1. Check you son's calendar for the day of the fixture. If he has been selected for the squad*, the fixture will be listed and there will be a "details" link next to it. The details will include the "meet" and "start" times, as well as the location. There will normally be a map link for the venue too.
    *NB squads are usually selected around 24 hours before a match.
  2. If you know the team your son is likely to be playing in, you can view information about the fixture on the Sherborne School Sport web site without needing to log in.
How do I see what clubs, societies, games options, or music ensembles are on offer?
You can see a list in the Activities > Available Activities section of SOCS. These are group into categories such as Music Ensembles, Co-Curricular Options etc.
How do I see what clubs, societies, games options, or music ensembles my son has selected?
You can see a list in the Activities > My Activities section of SOCS. Additionally, all of the sessions for his activities will be shown in his calendar feed, along with all other activity managed by SOCS.
How do I view or search the School calendar?
There are two places where you can view the School calendar.
  1. In the Sherborne Calendar Web App
  2. In the calendar section of the School Web Site , which is fed directly from SOCS periodically during the day.
What is the future of the Sherborne App?
It has become technically too challenging to maintain our App and we are gradually phasing it out. We are, of course, putting alternatives in place for its features and this process has begun with our move to SOCS for the handling of all of our scheduling (except for the academic timetable). In due course, we will also be adding mobile-friendly features to the Sherborne Parent Portal, similar to those that we have already made available to the boys.